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  1. Temp freezing the computer or visual bug when clicking on a link

    I'd love to have this figured out to narrow it down more, but at apparently random times when I click on a link, instead of choosy showing up, the computer will freeze for ~15 seconds. Background task will continue (itunes playing music, etc.) but user input does nothing (cursor won't move, can't alt-tab, can't switch spaces, etc.)
    After the ~15 seconds is up, everything goes back to normal. If I click a 2nd time at that point, choosy will mostly likely behave normally.

    Also, and possibly related is choosy will be visually bugged.
    See screenshot:

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    This looks like it might be related to driver issues with the Nvidia Geforce 7300 graphics card.

    Could those who are following this thread leave comments indicating which graphics card their Mac uses?

    Thanks for your patience while I fix this.

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